Avincis Group showcases firefighting capacity ahead of fire season

[Lisbon, 3 June 2024] – Avincis Portugal today gave a demonstration of its firefighting airplanes – the Canadair CL-215 in Lousa, Loures district. The demonstration took place at Avincis’ helicopter base in Salemas, with a live flyby of one the group’s Canadair CL-215, in addition to the stationed fleet of medical emergency services helicopters (HEMS) at the base.

Designed specifically for aerial firefighting, the Canadair CL-215 can scoop up to 6,140 litres with no need to refill at base. It can pump water directly from nearby sources, mixing it with a chemical foam, for targeted release on to fires.

Ahead of Portugal’s dry season, attendees had the opportunity to witness Avincis in action, learn more about its firefighting capabilities, resources, and response capacity as well as its impact on local communities in Portugal and around the world.

“We believe it is crucial to showcase Avincis’ aerial operational resources and our ready-to-deploy response capacity,” said John Boag, CEO of Avincis Group. “Avincis has the right expertise in both the prevention and the extinguishing of fire from the air – and we have cutting-edge equipment such as the Canadair CL-215 to further strengthen our capabilities. We welcome the opportunity to showcase our firefighting airplanes as we head into the busy fire season in Portugal. Our crews are prepared and ready to support the Portuguese communities this summer and for the long term,” the CEO added.

Avincis is a world-leading provider of aerial firefighting, emergency, and search and rescue services, operating in Portugal for more than 17 years, and around the world with a global fleet of more than 220 helicopters.

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