Other Aviation

In Avincis, a core part of our business, is the delivery of engineering services, training and R&D.

We provide Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul service (MRO) to aviation customers and have a dedicated Design & Completion unit to realise leading-edge customisation of the fleet in terms of aircrafts performance, innovative equipment and safety standard.

We deliver specific aerial training with owned simulators for pilots, engineers, and technicians. We provide different services through drones (unmanned aerial vehicle -UAV) such as material transportation, integration with emergency centre, coordination and visualization of the affected area and we support the Oil&Gas sector with dedicated aerial emergency transport for oil platforms. We are committed in the development of Green Energies.


Avincis is Europe’s leading and largest Aerial Emergency Services operator.

Emergency Medical Services

We deliver aerial emergency medical services (EMS) supporting national and regional government institutions, in saving lives and protecting communities.


Avincis provides a full range of firefighting related missions: water-dropping, ground firefighter transportation, mission coordination and real-time images for control centres.

Search & Rescue

Avincis provides lifesaving search and rescue (SAR) missions, thanks to experienced rescue staff, along with the operational capabilities of the fleet.