& Rescue

Avincis provides lifesaving search and rescue (SAR) missions, thanks to experienced rescue staff, along with the operational capabilities of the fleet.

Our SAR crew members are trained for in-flight medical care and crisis management. We have a dedicated Research and Development team focused on constantly bringing improvements and tailor-made features to the fleet. In fact, we operate with our bespoke aircraft, outfitted with specific equipment. This unique combination of technology and personnel, allow us to effectively run critical emergency operations with the highest safety standards.


Avincis is Europe’s leading and largest Aerial Emergency Services operator.

Emergency Medical Services

We deliver aerial emergency medical services (EMS) supporting national and regional government institutions, in saving lives and protecting communities.


Avincis provides a full range of firefighting related missions: water-dropping, ground firefighter transportation, mission coordination and real-time images for control centres.

Other Aviation Services

In Avincis, a strategic part of our business, is the delivery of engineering services, training and R&D.