In Avincis, we deliver aerial emergency medical services (EMS) supporting national and regional government institutions, in saving lives and protecting communities.

When an accident occurs and lives are at risk, our emergency medical aircraft act as mobile intensive care units, providing in-flight medical care.

Thanks to the best qualified personnel, the most innovative fleet and equipment, we provide complex rescues, often in inaccessible locations, and in record time, transporting the patient to the hospital.

The flight crew speed of response to rescue the patient, along with the ability of the medical staff to provide initial care are vital to saving lives and reduce the impact of injuries.

Our EMS operations are conducted in Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Portugal.

Avincis Emergency Medical Operations at glance.

* Stats refer to FY21 period.

Total number of lifesaving missions

+ 87.000

Total number of patients transported

+ 65.000

Total number of flying hours

+ 103.000


Avincis is Europe’s leading and largest Aerial Emergency Services operator.


Avincis provides a full range of firefighting related missions: water-dropping, ground firefighter transportation, mission coordination and real-time images for control centres.

Search & Rescue

Avincis provides lifesaving search and rescue (SAR) missions, thanks to experienced rescue staff, along with the operational capabilities of the fleet.

Other Aviation Services

In Avincis, a strategic part of our business, is the delivery of engineering services, training and R&D.